chopping boards

WOODEN chopping boards

Factory for the production of wooden utensils and chopping boards.

Safe for humans

Ever since people have been cutting food, they have needed cutting boards, and wooden cutting boards were perfect for the job. Wood microparticles are completely absorbed by the human body, this is a natural ecological material, it is completely safe for an adult and even for small children.

Created by nature

Housewives and professional chefs around the world prefer wooden cutting boards. They are more impact resistant and sanitary than plastic, gentler on knife blades than a harsh bamboo, and much cheaper than marble or granite. Wood is a renewable material and does not require special disposal.


Beech wood is one of the most popular materials for cutting boards. Its closed-grain hardwood is gentle on your knives and has excellent scratch and impact resistance.


Ash is a hardwood, surprisingly soft to the touch and durable to use. It produces amazingly beautiful and high-quality products that can be used for cutting food and serving.


Oak is a very durable material, soft enough not to affect the sharpness of the blade, but hard enough to prevent deep scratches. This type of wood has a natural antibacterial effect.


•    Export is our priority, we produce high-quality goods and offer
favorable terms of cooperation.
•    Our partners are wholesalers, online stores, specialized stores,
retail chains.
•    For new partners, we guarantee the rights of exclusivity of
deliveries to your country.
•    Individual packaging and application of your company logo will
ensure the development of your brand.
•    We will provide free samples, while the customer pays for the
delivery of samples.
•    We deliver the goods to your warehouse, or ship on FOB terms
the port of Gdynia, Poland.


Rectangular chopping boards

Spliced shield

Model - 200
Model - 380
Model - 450
Model - 528

Rectangular chopping boards

Spliced shield

Model - 600

Model - 600

Model - 600
Model - 680

Chopping boards with handle

Spliced shield

Model - 700

Model - 730

Model - 750

Model - 780

Round chopping boards

Spliced shield

Model - 800

Model - 800

Model - 850

Model - 880

Wood serving plate

Spliced shield

Model - 900

Model - 930

Model -950

Model -980